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I hate this


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honestly the more i hear about the ”anti rape nail polish” the madder i get like 4 men got a bunch of funding to create a product which addresses such a small percentage of sexual assault cases (not to mention the fact that there are already other similar products such as drug detecting straws in existence) and they aim to actually profit of this by charging for the nail polish and its just so ineffectual and awful and doesn’t address any bigger problems and at the end of the day its just 4 men making a profit off of sexual assault and being praised for it

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bodies are wiggly and they smile and have tingly feelings when ur happy and they warn u when things are bad for u bc ur body is always looking out for u!!!! bodies keep u warm  and u can dance and cuddle and they let u listen to little kitties meowing and raindrops when ur sleepy and the SOUND OF SHOES IN MADELEINE. bodies grow rumbly when they need food and they do silly things like be tickled and make u giggle. ur body is sensitive so u can feel things like soft puppies and the hugs of ur friends :) also bodies all have a unique perception of the world bc of qualia so u and ur body r special friend 

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so when i was daydreaming about eb i remembered something from when i had just started dating michael and my brain didnt jump to that memory at  all and its like yay so much yay and i am able to be emotionally invested and pursue the things i want in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lorde is literally a pale blog in human form

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30 minute adventure time doodles!! ;v;

maybe if i draw enough cover-ish art theyll hire me to make a cover for the comics

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losing friends to people you helped them meet


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talking about ur fav character like 


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when someone gets called out for saying something problematic & they try justifying it


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*has 10 second fantasy about someone u saw in public*

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"i’m dreaming of a white christmas" i sing to myself in the 30 degree australian heat

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